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Master of Science (MS)


Civil Engineering


The nature and scope of this study was a library-descriptive research project designed to investigate and experiment with selected photographic techniques that can be used by a classroom instructor in preparing 35-mm title slides in industrial arts education.

The specific objectives formulated for this study were: (1) to conduct a literature search, (2) to review and analyze techniques used in preparing title slides for educational media, (3) to identify and select five techniques to be used as the basis of this study by a predetermined criteria, (4) to experiment with the selected techniques used in producing title slides, and (5) to evaluate and compare the selected techniques for the purpose of recommending those more adaptable in a given situation for mediating industrial arts education.

The five selected photographic techniques for producing title slides chosen for experimentation in this study were: (1) the Manipulation Technique, (2) the Double-Exposure Technique, (3) the Kodalith- Film Technique, (4) the Sandwich-Slide Technique, and (5) the Slide- Duplicator Technique.

The conclusions drawn from this research project were: (1) the Manipulation Technique is very suitable where funding and equipment is very limited with resulting title slides being excellent, (2) the Kodalith-Film and Sandwich-Slide Techniques are acceptable where some funding is available to purchase supplies and equipment with resulting title slides being good to excellent, (3) the Double-Exposure and Slide- Duplicator Techniques could be very valuable if proper equipment is available. The equipment available for- these techniques at the time of the study was limited which resulted in average to good title slides due to the many failures that occurred.