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Eriogonum visheri A. Nels. (Polygonaceae) is a plant species whose distribution in North Dakota is incompletely known. The plant species is listed by North Dakota Heritage Program personnel as a G5/S2S3 [G5 = demonstrably secure globally, although it may be rare; S2 = imperiled in the state (6-20 occurrences) or vulnerable to extirpation; S3 = rare in the state (20+ occurrences)]. The species is Federally listed as C2 [current information indicates that listing as endangered or threatened may be warranted, but information about the species is presently inadequate to support immediate ruling] (Northern region, USDA Forest Service, 1991). The limited amount of information about the occurrence of the species, and the biology of the species prevents an assessment of status of the species as threatened or endangered. The project described in this report was designed as a preliminary survey to determine distribution of E. visheri on the Little Missouri National Grasslands in western North Dakota.

Available information about the habitat and known occurrences Missouri National Grasslands, USDA Forest Service, Northern Region (subsequently referred to by district, or LMNG in this report) had abundant habitat suitable for occurrence of the species. Consequently, funds administered by the North Dakota Natural Heritage Program were designated to support surveys for the species, and other species of concern to the LMNG and the ND Natural Heritage programs, on the Medora and McKenzie districts during the growing season in 1993. The field work was coordinated and staffed through the Institute for Ecological Studies at the University of North Dakota. The project was designed to conduct a target plant survey for E. visheri on the Medora and McKenzie districts and included the following elements: location of populations, and collection of population and habitat data for each population. Other species of concern to the state or to the LMNG were to be similarly assessed if discovered during the course of this investigation.