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In a replication of a study which demonstrated a relationship between Masculinity and Independence, the nature of the relationship between Self-esteem and orthogonal Masculinity and Femininity di mensions was examined. Regression analyses for 212 female and 165 male undergraduates indicated that for both sexes, Masculinity was moderately correlated to Self-esteem, but that Femininity did not add to this prediction significantly. Scores for Independence were obtained from a subset of 24 females and 29 males by placing them in a conformity paradigm situation. The major hypothesis was that Masculinity would not contribute uniquely to the prediction of Inde pendence made on the basis of Self-esteem alone. Regression analyses indicated that neither Self-esteem norMasculinity were predictive of Independence scores for either sex. No conclusions could therefore be drawn about the precise nature of the relationship between Mascu linity and Self-esteem. Consideration is given to methodological de partures in the replication and the advisability of using a confor mity paradigm as a criterion behavior for masculinity.