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The Department, of Speech Pathology and Audiology at the University of North Dakota has been in existence since 1 February 1967 The purpose of this study was to accumulate a complete history of the department from the time a program in speech correction was begun as a part of the Department of Speech in the late 1940's through the spring semester 1978.

This thesis begins with a statement of purpose and a brief description of the present status of the department in Chapter I. The first section of Chapter II includes information about the early history of speech pathology in North Dakota. The next two sections of this chapter are a chronological progression of the beginning and development of speech correction from 1948 through 1966. The final section of Chapter II describes the separation of speech pathology and audiology from the Department of Speech.

The next six chapters of this thesis are broken down into specific topic areas. Chapter III includes information pertaining to faculty— persons who were employed for each academic year from 1967-68 through 1977-78— and their publications and papers, national offices, and salaries. Chapter IV includes information about undergraduate and graduate students, and Chapter V deals with undergraduate and graduate courses. Information about the Speech and Hearing Clinic is contained in Chapter VI, and Chapter VII describes the physical facilities of the department.

Significant historical developments such as the program planning, departmental examination, the evaluation of students involved in practicum, departmental bylaws, a curriculum conference and questionnaire to evaluate the department, a thesis to describe former graduate students and their evaluation of the program, student teaching,’ departmental accreditation, and a ten-year planning report are included in Chapter VIII. Chapter IX consists of a summary and conclusions drawn from the information gathered.