Date of Award

January 2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Teaching & Learning

First Advisor

Katherine Terras


Bullying has been a widely researched topic. However, many areas are yet to be researched in regards to school personnels’ perceptions. This dissertation was focused around several of these missing research areas, as well as included non-certified staff. Non-certified staff have been left out of the vast majority of studies involving school personnel and bullying. That, or their perceptions have not been explored as a separate group of school personnel. This is problematic as non-certified staff are often part of supervisory roles in settings where bullying often occurs. This study addressed differences among school personnel perceptions in regards to bullying and media influence, student understanding and awareness, the need for school-wide training, bullying definition changes, and legal and employment consequences. Legal and employment consequences and the need for school-wide training were explored in depth, and differences among perceptions of school personnel were discussed.