Brady Bjerke

Date of Award

January 2018

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Mark Dusenbury


New regulation requires mainline carriers to report regional airline on-time performance. Regional airlines have a high operational volume at capacity constrained airports. Studies have indicated that if volume at a capacity constrained airport increases, then flight delays are likely to grow. Regional airline operational data in JFK and LGA is analyzed to determine the relationship between volume and on-time performance over a two-year period. Through reviewing statistical test results, recommendations are made in effort to predict a regional airline’s optimal volume while maintaining adequate on-time performance. Operational volume is characterized by three independent variables: block hours, aircraft utilization, and the number of scheduled departures. Three on-time performance metrics are considered: delays, significant delays and completion factor. The results of the output models show that an increase of volume at JFK and LGA led to an increase of delays, significant delays, and cancellations. Volume predicts operational performance but the relationship is sensitive to operational season, fleet type, and hub station.