Reem Shadid

Date of Award

January 2018

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Sima Noghanian

Second Advisor

Arash Nejadpak


In this research wireless power transfer using near-field inductive coupling is studied and investigated. The focus is on delivering power to implantable biomedical devices.

The objective of this research is to optimize the size and performance of the implanted wireless biomedical sensors by: (1) proposing a hybrid multiband communication system for implantable devices that combines wireless communication link and power transfer, and (2) optimizing the wireless power delivery system. Wireless data and power links are necessary for many implanted biomedical devices such as biosensors, neural recording and stimulation devices, and drug delivery and monitoring systems.

The contributions from this research work are summarized as follows:

1. Development of a combination of inductive power transfer and antenna system.

2. Design and optimization of novel microstrip antenna that may resonate at different ultra-high frequency bands including 415 MHz, 905 MHz, and 1300MHz. These antennas may be used to transfer power through radiation or send/receive data.

3. Design of high-frequency coil (13.56 MHz) to transfer power and optimization of the parameters for best efficiency.

4. Study of the performance of the hybrid antenna/coil system at various depths inside a body tissue model.

5. Minimizing the coupling effect between the coil and the antenna through addressed by optimizing their dimensions.

6. Study of the effects of lateral and angular misalignment on a hybrid compact system consisting of coil and antenna, as well as design and optimize the coil’s geometry which can provide maximum power efficiency under misalignment conditions.

7. Address the effects of receiver bending of a hybrid power transfer and communication system on the communication link budget and the transmitted power.

8. Study the wireless power transfer safety and security systems.