Date of Award

January 2017

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Surojit Gupta


This work illustrates the synthesis and characterization of novel MAX reinforced metals (MRMs) composites. These composites were tested for their mechanical and tribological performance in ambient temperature. Synthesis and characterization of Bi-Ti3SiC2 and Ag-Ti3SiC2 was studied in Chapter 2. Both composites showed an enhancement in their mechanical and tribological behavior. For example, the addition of 20% Ti3SiC2 decreased the wear rate (WR) by ~12 times in Ag and ~33 times in Bi comparing with the pristine metal. In Chapter 3, Bi-Cr2AlC composites were studied and results had been compared to Bi-Ti3SiC2 composites. The addition of 10 vol% Cr2AlC was able to decrease the WR of Bi-composites by ~100 times as compared to the Bi metal. Chapter 4 reports the current progress of synthesis and tribological behavior of Al-V2AlC, Al-Ti3SiC2 and Al-Cr2AlC composites. The addition of MAX phase particulates enhanced the hardness and compressive yield strength of all the compositions. Al-V2AlC, Al-Ti3SiC2 and Al-Cr2AlC exhibit better tribological behavior compared with pure Al. The WR decreased significantly from 0.25 mm3/N.m to 1.1 X 10-3 mm3/N.m in Al-30%V2AlC. Similarly, the addition of Ti3SiC2 decreased the WR to 7.3 X 10-4 mm3/N.m in the Al-10%Ti3SiC2. In Chapter 5, comprehensive conclusion of this thesis and the future scope of study is discussed. Briefly, the addition of MAX phases has beneficial effects on the mechanical and the tribological behavior. However, there is an optimum concentration where the best results are found. That is mainly due to the nature of these phases where they perform much better at higher temperatures rather than room temperature.