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Master of Arts (MA)



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Robert W. Fried


Grammatical aspect in Sarikoli, an Eastern Iranian (Pamir) language, has never been adequately described. This work fills a gap in the descriptive literature, beginning with a straightforward restatement of verbal morphosyntax, and moving to a discussion of verb stems and their uses. Verb stems in Sarikoli include the infinitive, imperfective, perfective, and perfect. Additional morphemes discussed in this work include the durative clitic, stative (resultative) suffix, cessative suffix, and agreement suffixes and clitics.

Sarikoli verbal morphology encodes aspect, not tense. The major grammatical aspects of Sarikoli include perfective, imperfective, perfect, and durative. Verb stems and other aspectual marking in context give rise to a range of interpretations, explored in this thesis primarily through theory-neutral basic linguistic description.

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