Date of Award

January 2016

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Surojit Gupta


During this thesis, the design and development of novel multifunctional MAX reinforced polymer (MRPs) matrix composites was studied. MRPs were fabricated with a certain volumetric ratio of polymers and MAX phases. In Chapter II, synthesis and tribological behavior of PEEK-Ti3SiC2 composites have been reported. A decrease in friction coefficient is observed when 10 volumetric % of Ti3SiC2 was added in the PEEK matrix. Also, the wear rate of the composites decreases by 27 times when 5 volumetric % of Ti3SiC2 was added. In Chapter III, novel self-lubricating Teflon-Ti3SiC2 and Nylon-Ti3SiC2 composites are reported. During self-mating, Ti3SiC2-Teflon composites showed better performance than Ti3SiC2-Nylon composites. In the case of friction coefficient, a marginal decreased is observed for Teflon composites but for Nylon-Ti3SiC2 composites, an increase in friction coefficient is observed as the percent content of Ti3SiC2 was increased. However, the wear rate decreased to (5±3) x 10-5 mm3/N.m and (1±1.5) x 10-5 mm3/N.m in Teflon-5%312Si and Teflon-10%312Si, respectively, and thereafter retained a similar value of (1.6±1.6) x 10-5 in Teflon-30%312Si. We have observed a decrease in wear rate for Nylon-Ti3SiC2 composites but it is very marginal decrease. In Chapter IV of this thesis, the scope of future studies are discussed.