Date of Award

January 2016

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Teaching & Learning

First Advisor

Jodi Holen


In this case study, there was an examination to gain a deeper understanding of the

effects of social interactions experienced by Ghanaian Students with various actors in

curricular and co-curricular departments and perceptions of the support during these

social interactions. Recommendations were made for ways to enhance social interactions.

Data for this qualitative study was collected using three methods; non-participant

observation, interviews, and focus group discussions. Participants for the study were six

Ghanaian international students and five service providers selected from departments

across the campus of a university in the Midwest. It was found that there were systemic

issues that were affected by institutional, social, and personal factors. The study revealed

that most of the social interactions were inhibited by inadequate social and cultural

intelligence. Findings indicated that actors were ill prepared for cross-cultural

interactions due of insufficient opportunities for exposure, cultural awareness and

consciousness. The research showed that in order to effectively address these issues, there

is need for a re-socialization of all actors involved into an institutional culture that

promotes social and cultural intelligence. Suggestions for change included increasing

access to more interactive activities that promote and encourage all actors to have more

opportunities for cross-cultural interactions. It would also create avenues for more cross

cultural efficacy, assertiveness and proactivity in future social interactions. Participants

concluded that in order to have successful academic outcomes and experiences, and


mitigate negative experiences, there was need for the institution to establish programs

and policies that are geared towards enhancing cross-cultural relations and inter-cultural

interactions. Also, all participating actors must be willing to embrace changes to become

more assertive, proactive, and augment the social and cultural intelligences.