Date of Award

January 2015

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Sima Nogahanian


Wearable antenna is a fast growing field in application-oriented research, which introduced a new generation of garments capable of monitoring wear health, as well as environmental states. This thesis is concerned with the design and fabrication of a compact textile wearable antenna at operating frequency within the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band, intended for integration into a flight jacket of the astronaut inside the habitat. The antenna is integrated with artificial material known as High Impedance Surface (HIS) for performance enhancement. The purpose of the system is to constantly monitor vital signals of the astronauts.

The entire design cycle of wearable Co-Planar Waveguide (CPW) fed monopole antenna, starting from simulation-based design to fabricated prototype and antenna testing under different conditions was carried out in this thesis. Because of the lossy nature of human body tissues, the radiation efficiency of the antenna will be reduced due to the absorption of the radiated energy. Hence, changes in the radiation characteristics of the wearable antenna like operating frequency, gain and impedance bandwidth will take place. To overcome these challenges, HIS has been suggested and integrated with the monopole antenna to isolate the antenna from the ambient environments. This wearable antenna was tested under real operating conditions such as bending and crumpling conditions.

Moreover, as the antenna operates near human body tissues, Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) assessment is required to consider the safety concerns of the antenna system. SAR analysis based on simulation results has been carried out in this thesis to show a significant reduction in SAR with the usage of HIS in the antenna system.