Inga Wuerges

Date of Award

January 2014

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Space Studies

First Advisor

Vadim Y. Rygalov


Panic Development (PD) is one of the most important areas of Human Factors research due to its debilitating effects during high stress operating conditions in extreme environments. High levels of anxiety and panic evoke incidents that are a real threat to mission success and may result in fatalities. A delicate balance of crew selection, training, and systems' design is critical for mission success and human survival.

This research investigates possible panic development profiles and methods for preventing panic through realistic training. This research focuses on realistic training scenarios during the intense military flying exercise Red-Flag Alaska at Eielson AFB, AK. The high-paced scenario-based training environment is ideally suited for the testing of a pilot's understanding, familiarity, and coping mechanisms during induced panic states. The survey questionnaire centers on how realistic training techniques improve the pilot's ability to deal with a stressful environment, recognize and control panic in future situations.