Date of Award

January 2014

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Naima Kaabouch


The variety of mobile devices and their operating platforms has rapidly increased. With this increase come separate standards, programming languages, and distribution markets. Typically developers want to deliver their products to a variety of users encompassing various platforms; however choosing to develop using a native program for a platform can delay the development and release on another platform. Multi-platform development applications were created in order to deploy applications to various platforms in a more timely and cost efficient manner by using a single code base.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the multi-platform development applications MoSync, Appcelerator, and PhoneGap, create a test application using each multi-platform development application to run on the Android emulator and iOS simulator to determine performance, and also determine which multi-platform application was best suited for allowing a developer to create a mobile application that could be utilized on a variety of platforms.