Date of Award

January 2012

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Brenda R. Kallio


The purpose of this study was to determine the extent to which North Dakota public school principals consider research-based professional and personal teacher characteristics when hiring teachers. Additionally, this study sought to determine North Dakota public school principals' perceptions regarding teacher hiring practices - the interviewing and teacher selection process.

This study utilized the conceptual framework on effective teacher qualities and personal teacher characteristics that are taken into consideration during the interviewing and teacher selection process. Participating principals completed surveys that asked them to rank order professional and personal teacher characteristics when considering teachers for hire. The principals also reported on a Likert-type scale the extent they agreed with statements regarding interviewing and selecting teachers in their school districts.

The results of this study revealed that North Dakota public school principals take into consideration research-based effective teacher characteristics when they hire teachers. Evidence from this study could help principals make informed decisions for hiring the most effective teachers. Information obtained from this study may also help school district leaders analyze their hiring policies, practices, and procedures, and make any necessary changes for identifying and hiring effective teachers.

Recommendations for practice as a result of this study include: school districts working to ensure hiring policies and procedures are developed, principals providing appropriate interview training for interview committee members, teacher preparation programs updating prospective teachers on principals' perceptions of the teacher hiring process, and principal preparation programs providing training for prospective principals in the teacher hiring process.

Keywords: Effective teachers, Teacher hiring, Interviewing, Teacher selection