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Master of Science (MS)


Chemical Engineering


Two-phase annular flow is an important aspect of two- phase flow. Three different models, Ghosal, Wallis, and Levy models, were used to calculate the pressure drop in an nular two-phase flow. The calculated pressure drop was com pared with a set of experimental data. The pressure range of the data was 350 to 850 kPa. Steam quality varied from 4.0 to 52.7 percent, while the total mass flux varied from 245.4 to 2303.7 kg/m^,s.

The predictions of the Wallis model were found to agree best with the data. This model appears to be well developed with respect to the hydrodynamic conditions of annular gas- liquid flow. However, it generally underestimates the pres sure drop by 17.15 percent on the average. A simple modifi cation was made to the Wallis model to account for this underestimation. The estimates of this modified model had a standard deviation of only 6.7 kPa, and it underpredicted the pressure drop by an average of 1.00 percent.