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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering


Optimization techniques are applied to the design of slider-crank mechanisms operating as single acting compressors subject to Coulomb bear ing friction. The dynamic force analysis is performed by the solution of a set of nonlinear equations in dimensionless form. The optimization re sults presented are for various cases of inertia, friction, and external loading.

The optimization procedure developed minimizes a weighted sum of the input work and bearing shear stress by adjusting the mechanism's dimensions. The independent dimensions that are varied are the connecting rod length, the offset, and the three bearing radii. The results of the optimization are different optimum slider-crank linkage configurations, where each link age minimizes a different level of the work-stress combination.

This optimization procedure can be useful in the design of slider- crank mechanisms employed in compressors. Further, the method can be ex panded to other mechanism types and loading forms.

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