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Master of Science (MS)


Kinesiology & Public Health Education


The intent of this thesis was to investigate the anatomical structure, mechanism of injury, treatment, sur gery, and rehabilitation of one anterior cruciate tear. The anatomical structure, mechanism of injury, treatment, surgery, and rehabilitation program were described.

A case study of one 19-year-old male football player who suffered a tear of his anterior cruciate ligament was the basis of this study. A daily record of the subject's rehabilitation program which was designed by this re searcher for this particular individual was presented.

The results of this rehabilitation program at the time of this study were satisfactory. The subject had re gained full strength and coordination. He had returned to daily activities and was expecting to return to football at the beginning of the season.

The rehabilitation program used was structured for an athletic individual who was in otherwise excellent over all physical condition. He had an extremely high level of self motivation, and could afford to spend two hours per day in therapy.

This program can be used as a guideline for future programs, but should not be transferred to the general population. The outcome of this thesis is based individual, so one should not make inferences to eral public.