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Master of Arts (MA)


Theatre Arts


Very little is done with the elementary theater programs in the North Dakota school systems. To test the feasibility and ac ceptability of a dramatic production designed for grades one through six, Aurand Harris' Androcles and the Lion was chosen, designed and directed for a tour production. The p ay was presented in eight northeastern North Dakota schools to a total audience numbering over two thousand students.

To determine a response of the acceptability to such a produc tion a pre- and post-one shot Likert design survey was implemented and results were analyzed.

Surveys'show that the production was well received and that teachers responded favorably to the time spent in the classroom pre paring their students for the production and the time spent viewing the play. Survey results also show that school administrators re acted favorably to such a production and that there is a possibility for funding for productions if such activities ore planned well enough in advance.