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Master of Science (MS)



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A.M. Cvancara


This lexicon of bedrock stratigraphic names of North Dakota consists of a general definition of each unit as well as the history of stratigraphic nomenclature, An attempt was made to include all units for North Dakota whether formally or informally named, or cur rently being used in the state. The general definition includes name(s) of the unit, age, area of extent, lithology, relationships to other units, characteristic fossils, economic significance, depo sitional environment, type section (1£ one has been proposed), and other remarks that might be significant. The history of strati graphic nomenclature includes a chronological listing of the first definition of the unit and any changes that occurred subsequent to the introduction of the unit. The lexicon includes approximately 350 terms. Of these, 1% is in the Cambrian System, 6% are in the Ordovician, 1% is in the Silurian, 10% are in the Devonian, 12% are in the Mississippian, 3% are in the Pennsylvanian, 3% are in the Permian, 1% is in the Triassic, 7% are in the Jurassic, 24% are in the Cretaceous, and 32% are in the Tertiary System.

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