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Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

William Borden

Second Advisor

John Little

Third Advisor

James McKenzie


This thesis consists of four short stories. They are traditional in the sense that each involves a conflict, and resolution of a conflict. "Coyote Mail," the first story, deals with a grandfather who must face the fact that change is inevitable, and that he cannot interrupt it. "Ambush" involves a young man who, after being pushed to the limit by a bully, decides to take drastic action. The third story, "Every Blue in the Sky" concerns a law enforcement officer who finds himself forced to think about his racial heritage. The fourth story, "Big Rabbit Sets Me Free," concerns a man who overcomes great odds to succeed at a task given him by a mystical being.

The stories in this thesis offer variety in terms of point of view, subject matter, length, voice, and verb tense. They offer an interesting reading experience, but should also inspire the reader to consider his/her own conflicts and experiences.