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Master of Arts (MA)


Counseling Psychology & Community Services


The current study examined adolescents’ perceptions, in regards to parent levels of Caring and Overprotection, as correlates of self-reported delinquent behaviors in 135 males and female adolescents. As hypothesized, the results showed correlations between perceived Parental Care and self-reported levels of delinquent behaviors in both males and females. This study has shown that more males than females report participation in delinquent behaviors. As hypothesized, low levels of perceived Parental Care correlated to both male and female adolescents’ self-reports of delinquent behaviors, but overprotection (high overprotection) did not. The strongest predictor of adolescent participation in delinquent activities is the adolescents’ perception of Maternal Care. Maternal Care scores have a significant negative correlation with adolescent participation in delinquent behaviors, regardless of the adolescent’s gender.