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ca. 1970




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UND Alumni Association Collection: George Starcher Collection


On display: Third floor


Memorial Union

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George Starcher was the ninth president of the University of North Dakota from 1954 to 1971. He was well regarded by those around him and by the University due to his ability to accommodate the campus during this time of growth when enrollment had tripled. It can be argued that UND didn’t suffer the same social unrest as other universities due to Starcher’s defense of free speech, including the right to peacefully assemble. A brilliant mathematician, Starcher became a more active artist in his later years following retirement, most notably creating watercolors of landscapes and campus buildings.

Additional Information

Student composed text panel:

George Starcher (American, 1906-1994)
Untitled, 1970
UND Art Collections: UND Alumni Association Collection
Gifted by the Estate of George Starcher

George Starcher was President of the University of North Dakota from 1954-1971. Although his academic background was in mathematics, he became increasingly active as an art maker in his later years. Interestingly, UND presidents Frank McVey, Charles Kupchella, and Robert O. Kelley also had interests in making visual art.

Starcher, who served UND through the tumultuous 1960s, was well-respected in the Grand Forks community. As UND President, he tolerated demonstrations and promoted free speech, which perhaps helped to prevent the social unrest that other universities often faced during this era.

While Starcher’s representational art presents less of a challenge to the observer, it should not be overlooked. Familiar landscapes make up the subject of his watercolors. Starcher’s depiction of beaches and mountains invites a feeling of calm serenity that sends a message of comfort and warmth.

Depiction of sand dunes next to the sea.


Very good


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