OffWorld Robotic Industrial Workforce for CisLunar Development


OffWorld Robotic Industrial Workforce for CisLunar Development


Jim Keravala

About the Speaker

Jim is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of OffWorld, building an industrial robotic workforce to undertake mining, manufacturing and construction on planetary surfaces and in space. The robotic workforce forms a solar system platform that will enable the construction of space based solar power stations, propellant depots and entire settlements leveraging a new industrial AI that OffWorld is developing. He brings 30 years of experience and visionary leadership in innovation in multidisciplinary areas such as aerospace engineering, space systems, robotics and machine intelligence, manufacturing and construction, computer science, synthetic biology and molecularly precise control systems. Jim is a prolific technologist and an accomplished entrepreneur able to constantly identify new acceleration ramps in the technological landscape.

Jim started his career in the space launch industry managing launch programs overseeing over a dozen successful orbital launches on Russian, European and US launch vehicles. Modular satellite design, integration engineering and program management were part of this process.

Jim also architected major space programs including new space agencies and launches at Surrey Satellite Technology and as cofounder of Shackleton Energy, space propellant depots utilizing requiring lunar mining and a continuous supply of fuel in space. Jim studied aerospace engineering, spacecraft engineering and physics at University of London, Surrey University, Aachen Technical University and International Space University, was previously faculty at Singularity University and is on advisory boards and Board of Directors of a number of space institutes including Board Member of the National Space Society.



The Spring 2018 Space Studies Colloquium Series focuses on CisLunar infrastructure, and will feature several leading experts in this field. The first presentation in this series will feature Jim Keravala, Co-founder and CEO of OffWorld of Pasadena, California, who are "developing a new generation of universal industrial robots to do the heavy lifting on Earth, Moon, asteroids and Mars"


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Grand Forks, ND

OffWorld Robotic Industrial Workforce for CisLunar Development