National Security Space: Opportunities and Challenges


National Security Space: Opportunities and Challenges

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Peter L. Hays works for SAIC supporting the Department of Defense and the Eisenhower Center, and teaches at George Washington University. He helps develop space policy initiatives including the National Defense University Spacepower Theory Study. Dr Hays holds a Ph.D. from the Fletcher School and was an honor graduate of the USAF Academy.

He served internships at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and National Space Council and taught space policy courses at the USAF Academy, School of Advanced Airpower Studies, and National Defense University. Major publications include: Spacepower for a New Millennium; “Going Boldly—Where?” and United States Military Space.


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Recent military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kosovo indicate space capabilities have become a foundational enabler of most U.S. military actions and an increasingly important component of U.S. national security. Worldwide, there is growing recognition and focus on the broad and ubiquitous contributions space capabilities make to global prosperity and security. The 2001 Space Commission Report found that because U.S. military and economic security has become so dependent on space capabilities, the nation could face a “space Pearl Harbor.”

The U.S. National Space Policy released in October 2006 stated: “In this new century, those who effectively utilize space will enjoy added prosperity and security and will hold a substantial advantage over those who do not. Freedom of action in space is as important to the United States as air power and sea power.” And the National Space Policy of the United States of America released in June 2010 indicates: “Space systems allow people and governments around the world to see with clarity, communicate with certainty, navigate with accuracy, and operate with assurance.


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National Security Space: Opportunities and Challenges