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Seri kinship terminology




From the introduction: "The Seri language contains over fifty kinship terms, and as such represents one of the most highly elaborated kinship systems described to date. A list of these terms was given in Kroeber 1931, although Kroeber's list was (understandably) incorrect in certain ways. Our discussion of the Seri kinship terminology centers around, but is not limited to, the set of obligatorily possessed noun stems which are inflected with the following possessive prefixes. [...]

"This paper is organized as follows. In Section 2 we discuss various kinds of terms which, although used to refer to kinsmen, are special in that they are either unpossessed nouns or nouns derived from verbs. They are not kinship terms insofar as word class is concerned. In Section 3 we present the basic kinship terms and their extended meanings; no detailed analysis is given. In Section 4 we present the terminology used for deceased persons."

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