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From the introduction: "This study investigates the phenomenon of obligatory dative doubling, examining data based upon a critique of two analyses of clitic doubling in Spanish within different grammatical frameworks. Previous analyses propose that dative clitic doubling is obligatory whenever the NP in indirect object position is not a semantic Recipient/Addressee (Goal). J. Albert Bickford's (1985) proposal within Relational Grammar and Osvaldo Jaeggli's (1982) account within Government and Binding are two representative analyses of the phenomenon which argue that conditions for doubling are based upon the thematic role of the superficial indirect object NP. Due to an incomplete corpus of data, however, neither analysis adequately accounts for the phenomenon. The data in this report instead demonstrate that obligatory clitic doubling does not depend solely on the thematic role of the dative but that other features must be considered. I outline data not accounted for by either theory in order 1) to question the validity of relying solely upon analyses based on thematic roles to describe clitic doubling; 2) to present possible (non-syntactic) explanations; and 3) to raise questions beyond the scope of this report for further research."

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