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From the introduction: "I now consider the presence versus absence of the article with proper names, for people in the book of Acts, using the following four categories of description:

-- the unmarked patterns involving the first mention of a participant and further references to the participant in the same incident (Sect. 1); -- the reintroduction of participants after an absence (Sec. 2); -- further references to a participant in the same incident which are anarthrous, instead of arhrous (Sect. 3); -- the use of the article with names in reported speeches (Sect. 4).

"By dividing my discussion into four parts, I do not mean to imply that I am illustrating different principles. Rather, in different contexts, they illustrate a single principle: ANARTHROUS REFERENCES TO PARTICULAR, KNOWN PARTICIPANTS EITHER MARK THE PARTICIPANT AS LOCALLY SALIENT, OR HIGHLIGHT THE SPEECH WHICH S/HE UTTERS."

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