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From the introduction: "In this paper I endeavor to give a broad description of Koine Greek relative clauses. My database consists primarily of the Greek New Testament (Marshall and Nestle 1960). I begin by pointing out that Koine uses the strategy of relative pronouns in all relative clauses (Sect. 2). This section is followed by a description of the other ways in which relative pronouns are used besides introducing a relative clause (Sec. 3). In section 4, I discuss the position of the relative clause with respect to its head, arguing that only postnominal and internally headed relative clauses occur. Finally, in section 5, I give a description of the types of internally headed relative clauses (IHRCs) found in Koine and note three instances where they function adverbially.

"Although this paper for the most part does not deal with formal syntax, I have noted several potential problem areas for current transformational syntax."

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