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From the introduction: "In this paper we examine the Tabaru language in light of recent phonological theory.

"First, we review the history of stress within various theories and discuss both strengths and weaknesses. After concluding that previous theories are not sufficiently predictive or restrictive in terms of general theory, we discuss metrical phonology (Harris 1983, Mohanan 1986) and apply that theory to the Tabaru language.

"Second, after reviewing the morphology of Tabaru, we discuss the notion of syllable and its structure within the theory of CV phonology (Clemonts and Keyser 1983). We then analyze the Tabaru syllable within this framework, and show that the Resyllabification Convention as stated in Clements and Keyser (1983) is crucial for an adequate analysis of Tabaru.

"Third, we review briefly the theory of lexical phonology (Mohanan 1986) and present an analysis of Tabaru using lexical phonology."

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