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Reduplication in Majang




From the introduction: "Majang is a member of the Nilo-Saharan family of languages, part of the Surma cluster. It is spoken in southwestern Ethiopia in Kefa and Illubador provinces, with a small group also in Wellega. There are only two published linguistic descriptions, one by Cerulli (1948) and a recent, more comprehensive and reliable one by Bender (1983). In his article, Bender gives five examples of verb reduplication in Magang (1983a:121). Building on Bender, this present paper gives many more examples of verb reduplication, explains the different uses of reduplication, and describes the phonological rules for reduplicating. Examples of (possibly) reduplicated forms from other parts of speech are also given. Comparative data is also given to show that some reduplication was also found in Proto-Surma. In section 3, a verb prefix tV- is described, which may be confused with reduplication, since it covers some of the same semantic range and can appear in forms phonologically similar to reduplication."

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