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From the introduction: "This paper seeks to justify a bistratal analysis for certain clauses in Southeastern Tepehuan (SET). In intransitive clauses (where the subject is the only nominal), or in transitive clauses where a direct object is also present, the account of subject and object agreement is straight forward. But in transitive clauses where a notional indirect object or benefactee is present as well, these are advanced to the status of direct object; they replace the initial direct object and determine object agreement on the verb. In section 1 I give the pertinent facts about term marking and show that verbs agree with their final direct objects. In section 2 I give evidence for the 3-2, benefactee-2, and comitative-2 advancements. Then in section 3 I argue that this analysis is preferable to either of two monostratal analyses that could be proposed to describe these facts."

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