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From the introduction: "In this paper I will examine and discuss passive constructions in Seri. My purpose will be basically two-fold: first, to present descriptive and typological facts concerning these constructions. My second purpose is to discuss how these facts should be accounted for in an explicit grammar. The paper is divided into three major sections in which alternative treatments of these clauses are discussed. In order to compare these alternatives, I will make them explicit in terms of relational grammar (Perlmutter (1978a, 1978b, in press, to appear), Perlmutter and Postal (1977, in press a, in press b, to appear)). [...] I will argue in favor of the universal characterization of passives and impersonal passives proposed by Perlmutter and Postal (1977, to appear) and Perlmutter (1978a, 1978b)."

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