Work Papers of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, University of North Dakota Session




From the introduction: "The goal of this paper is to describe the verbal system of Godié, a Kru language spoken in southwest Ivory Coast, within the framework of daughter dependency grammar. This model has been recently developed by the British linguist, R. A. Hudson. The model could be called "generative" since structures are built up through the application of various sets of rules. This type of grammar varies considerably, however, from other generative grammars in that it generates only one structure for each construction (rather than the traditional deep and surface structures, with several intermediate structures in between). Rather than concerning itself with sentence relatedness, DDG concentrates on showing dependencies within a single construction. An important innovation in Hudson's model is the use of features on higher nodes. The paper contains three sections besides the introduction and conclusion. In the first section, there will be a justification of the features used to describe Godié verbs. In section two, rules needed to generate basic and more complex structures will be discussed. Finally, section three contains a discussion of how certain generalizations can be captured by redundancy rules in the lexicon."

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