Work Papers of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, University of North Dakota Session

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A grammatical sketch of Brao, a Mon-Khmer language




This thesis is a grammatical sketch of a small closed corpus of Brao language data gathered during field work in Cambodia. The categories of analysis are the grammatical levels of word, phrase, clause, and sentence. The description uses the tagmemic concepts of slot and filler, and it focuses on the surface structure of the language. A set of simple conversational language lessons is appended to this study.

The procedure involves analysis of data in the terms described above, and this analysis is guided and supported by taking into account the grammatical descriptions of two other Mon-Khmer languages and showing points of comparison and contrast. These descriptions are of Chrau and Sedang and are written by David D. Thomas and Kenneth D. Smith, respectively. Supportive Brao data is mainly taken from the language lessons appended to the grammatical sketch.

The objective of this study is to present a general picture of Brao grammatical structures in sufficient detail to be of interest to those involved in comparative Mon-Khmer studies while at the same time respecting the restricted and presently closed nature of the corpus.

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