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Switch-reference in Seri




From the introduction, "Several recent papers have presented data on switch-reference (subject-change markers) in certain of the Yuman languages. The first article dealing with the subject in general is Jacobsen's "Switch-Reference in Hokan-Coahuiltecan", in which he reports the feature as present in Washo and Kashaya (Southwestern Pomo) but absent in certain other Hokan languages. Winter states that "switch-reference signaled by -m must be reconstructed for Proto-Yuman." As for Proto-Hokan, he believes that we must admit to the possibility that an independent development of switch-reference occurred in various member languages. He considers the likelihood "utterly remote" that a Proto-Hokan switch-reference device might be posited and effectively reconstructed.

"This paper presents the Seri system of subject-change (SC) markers, thereby providing evidence of switch-reference devices from still another Hokan language."

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