Emil Opitz

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Bachelor of Science (BS)




The world is going to run out of fossil fuels in the near future. An estimated one to two trillion barrels of oil is believed recoverable using today’s technologies. This amount of oil will last the world no more than 70 years, and perhaps only half that long. A system of alternative and renewable fuels is our only solution to this problem. With proper action and development, a worldwide energy crisis will be avoided.

We have an abundance of renewable and alternative energy sources that are not currently being used, enough to supply almost all of our energy needs. Wind can provide over 10 trillion kWh of electricity annually; three times the electricity that we currently use. Corn crops produce about 330 gallons per acre of ethanol, which will ease the change of fuel from gasoline to some other source. Transitioning to these clean sources requires time and money to develop them, and needs to begin now.

We not only risk losing a constant supply of energy, but also further degradation to our environment due to global climate change. CO2 levels are over 375 parts per million, and on track to pass 700 parts per million by the end of this century; over twice as high as ever recorded in the last 400,000 years. By taking steps today, we will prevent a crisis from happening tomorrow.