Sean Knutson

Date of Award


Document Type

Senior Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (BS)


Geological Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Scott F. Korom


This is a design proposal for a wetland is going to be built by Ducks Unlimited northwest of Ronan, MT to promote waterfowl habitat using an embankment structure to pool water.

•The area has a soil conservation runoff curve number of 71

•The time of concentration was found to be two hours

•The overflow elevation of that wetland is at 2998 feet above sea level

•The impoundment will be approximately nine acres and have a drainage basin area of 1,200 acres.

•The Embankment will pass the 100-year-24 hour storm, and maintenance to the structure and embankment will be minimal.

•The control structure in the embankment will consist of a broad-crested weir with stop-logs.

•A final design of using a five foot weir with two emergency spillway locations was chosen

•The cost of the proposed design is $14,760