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The increasing importance of index of refraction liquids in nonopaque mineral determination is stressed, with the fact that sets of index liquids are relatively easy to make with a few media and simple equipment. The desired features of an immersion series are listed.

The end members selected for this set of index liquids are: 1) methyl butyrate; 2) “Nujol”; 3) α-chloronaptalene; 4)1-bromonapthalene; 5) methylene iodide.

The approximate index of a mixture of two liquids may be determined from the formula V1N1+V2N2=(V1+V2)n, but the resulting index must be verified by other means. Mixing curve may be drawn by plotting a graph in which index of refraction is a function of composition by volume; the curve is used to determine the proportions necessary to make any liquid with a desired index of refraction.

The liquids may be standardized with a refractometer or a one-circle goniometer; the building and operation of a goniometer is discussed.