Accounting For Inflation

Bruce M. Kinney

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The purpose of this study is to condense an abundance of technical accounting literature on the problem of inflation in accounting and how to deal with it in the financial reports of business enterprises, in hopes of presenting an important but difficult subject in a manner that investors and students can use when confronted with inflation adjusted statements.

Chapter I presents an overview of the problem of the problems that have been created by inflation

Chapter II provides a discussion of the specific problems of historical-cost accounting in the inflammatory environment and the distortive effects it has on financial statements.

Chapter III presents and differences that current methods of accounting for inflation, specifically Constant-Dollar and Current-Cost Accounting. The mechanics of each are shown.

Chapter IV submits a background of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and Statement No. 33, the Boards authoritative pronouncement on inflation accounting.

Chapter V outlines several arguments in favor of and against inflation accounting