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Bachelor of Science (BS)



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Dr. Gordon Bell


A landslide occurred on the bank of the Red River two and a half miles north of Oslo, Minnesota on the Minnesota side. The area involved in the slide compromises about 45,000 square feet. A mass-movement occurred which was vertical but largely horizontal. A block roughly 45 by 100 feet dropped on a skid plane between two related blocks which gave the effect of "graben" structure. Ath the same instant, however, a large mud bar roughly 150 feet long was pushed up in the river reducing the channel to about half its normal size. The cause of the slide was probably due to the undermining action of the water plus the saturation of clays due to subterranean waters.

The geologic formations underlying the area are the glacial drift of Pleistocene age, stream and lake deposits of Recent age, and Cretaceous sediments which extend beneath the glacial drift and the lake sediments.