Date of Award

Winter 12-7-2017

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Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (BS)



First Advisor

Dr. Nels Forsman


In 1999 a 39 Kg stony meteorite was found near Colgate, North Dakota, during the construction of a new house. The surface of the meteorite contains many shallow regmaglypts and a weathered crust with a reddish orange color to dark brown-red, and the interior reveals a high abundance of metallic flecks. The SiO2/MgO ratio is 1.5, FeO/SiO2 ratio is 0.71, the Femetallic/FeO ratio is 0.72, the total metallic Fe is 19.8%,the average chondrule diameter is 0.3 mm, and the Fa composition is 20.27 mol%. The meteorite also has a crystalline matrix, with mostly well segregated chondrules, little igneous glass, and olivine grain homogeneity with less than 5% average deviation. With these measurements, the meteorite was determined to be an H4 ordinary chondrite and is the largest meteorite yet found in North Dakota.

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Geology Commons