Date of Award


Document Type

Senior Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (BS)


Geological Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Lance Yarbrough; Dr. Scott F. Korom


The WISCO Special Waste Landfill was developed to meet the need for a waste disposal site for the growing oilfield industry in western North Dakota. The design report was prepared on behalf of the North Dakota Department of Health - Division of Waste Management to demonstrate that the site meets the geological and hydrogeological requirements set forth in the North Dakota Century Code. The report details the site analysis utilized in design, the assumptions made in regards to contamination prevention, and the execution of the landfill design. The WISCO Special Waste Landfill was designed to accept special and small volume industrial waste for at least 25 years while remaining economically feasible, socially acceptable, and environmentally safe for the surrounding area. The design report focuses on environmental concerns of waste leakage and groundwater contamination that are a major concern at landfill sites. The landfill design provides adequate assurance that the overall liner and containment system will prevent contamination of groundwater in the vicinity. Measures taken to protect local plants and wildlife include daily cover and fencing, and monitoring programs are put into place to ensure these safety standards are achieved. The design report details these systems and programs, as well as the execution of the WISCO Special Waste Landfill.