Date of Award


Document Type

Senior Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (BS)


Geological Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Scott F. Korom


An embankment is proposed to create a wetland, as classified by the Army Corps of Engineers (1987), in southeastern South Dakota as part of a geological engineering senior design project. The wetland will lie within the Prairie Pothole Region of the Upper Midwest. It is within this region that the presence of wetlands has been declining over recent decades. The wetland will provide habitat supportive of waterfowl which make bi-annual flights over the area during migration. The embankment will incorporate a sharp-crested weir capable of passing a 25-yr, 24-hr rainfall event. Stop logs will be incorporated into the weir to allow periodic drainage of the wetland. This will promote plant growth within the wetland, making the wetland more attractive to waterfowl. The purpose of this report is to provide a design proposal for an environmentally sound and economically feasible embankment and associated wetland.

The report includes information on the following features pertinent to the proposed site: soils present, climate, topography, and presence of farmsteads. Also included are embankment design criteria as defined by Ducks Unlimited, Inc. (R. Smith, Personal Communication 2009). This document will propose design methodologies associated with the proposed embankment, in order to analyze and optimize wetland dimensions and sustainability.

Lastly, an economic evaluation of various design options will be completed to attain a preferred design.