Librarians at the Chester Fritz Library, with the endorsement of the Provost, Eric Link, created the Randy Rasmussen Memorial Lecture Series to honor the memory of a beloved member of the Chester Fritz Library staff, the University, and the Grand Forks community, Randy Rasmussen.

Speakers focus on themes that resonate with Randy Rasmussen’s interests, such as film and the moving image, fine arts, science fiction and fantasy, fan/popular culture, military history, meteorology, libraries and institutions of memory, and publishing. Speakers are not be limited to the humanities or solely these topics.

This collection documents recordings of the lecture series.


Submissions from 2024


Dinosaur Molecules: Exploring how soft tissues and biologic molecules can persist in dinosaur bones, Paul Ullmann

Submissions from 2023


The Beatles in Academia: Reflections on Teaching Popular Music in Higher Education, Chris Gable


Understanding Science Fiction, Eric Link


Occult Adventures in the Chester Fritz and the Digital Press at UND, Karlene T. Clark, Brian Urlacher, William Caraher, and Patrick Henry