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Physical Therapy

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Mark Romanick


Hip dysplasia, periacetabular osteotomy (PAO), labral repair, Physical Therapy, Tibial derotation


Background and Purpose: This case study details a 16-year-old patient following periacetabular osteotomy surgery with labral repair and tibial derotation. In reading this case, you will learn about interventions performed and ideas to consider for any patient hoping to return to sports following orthopedic procedures.

Case Description: Throughout the rehabilitation there was a large focus on the patient returning to sports, specifically basketball. The physical therapy prescription focused on mobility and strengthening of the entire lower extremity due to this surgery’s aggressive nature at the ankle and hip joint. It is accepted throughout the orthopedic world that there is specific tissue healing timelines that need to be respected before beginning higher level activities or weight bearing.

Outcomes: With the patient’s motivation, age, and their compliance with physical therapy, she was able to stay on track with the surgeon’s initial timeline. The patient had no major pain or setbacks which likely helped aid in her recovery, and eventually helped her pass return to sport testing 21 weeks after surgery.

Discussion: Physical therapy treatment participated in the recovery and return to play for this patient. There was progression in exercises for the patient to gain strength in muscles that were weakened from the surgery and inactivity following NWB status. After consulting with the research, it is important to note the lack of objective strength measures before clearing this patient for return to sport. The protocol was also rushed due to the patients expecting to return to sport from the surgeons’ expectations. Ideally this process could have been slower sighting ACL research to wait 9 months post op regardless of strength and objective measures.