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Physical Therapy

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Mark Romanick


Soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), Plantar Fasciitis, Physical therapy, plantar fascia


Background and Purpose: Plantar fasciitis is an irritation of the plantar fascia that causes increased pain and inflammation of the area. Plantar fasciitis affects nearly 1 in 10 people in their lifetime with a high likelihood of reoccurrence. There can be multiple causes but physical therapy (PT) can be crucial for the reduction of pain and return of function. Due to high likelihood of reoccurrence, it is the goal to give patients the tools that they need to self-treat when they experience another bout of plantar fasciitis.

Case Description: The patient was a 42-year-old male who had pain in the right plantar fascia. He noticed pain most after long periods of standing or standing after periods of inactivity. The patient has had this pain on and off over the last few years but was unable to resolve pain independently. The patient reported that he would like to work without pain.

Intervention: Interventions included a home exercise program, ultrasound, and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM).

Outcomes: The patient self-discharged due to feeling an improvement of pain and being able to continue with therapy activities independently. Overall noted improvement in the lower extremity functional scale, pain, and the patient’s overall functional ability to complete tasks in daily life at the time of self-discharge.

Discussion: Implementation of physical therapy consisting of physical agents, IASTM, stretching, and strengthening may have been integral in positive outcomes experienced by this patient.