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Physical Therapy

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Steven Halcrow


Atraumatic, sternoclavicular joint, anterior, subluxation, conservative, management, interventions, instability


Introduction: Atraumatic Anterior Subluxations of the Sternoclavicular Joint (SCJ) are a rare upper extremity injury that may cause range of motion (ROM) and strength deficits to the shoulder joint due to pain and feelings of instability. There are a variety of approaches for management as with SCJ subluxations, but atraumatic anterior displacements respond mostly to conservative management or masterly neglect.

Case Description: The patient was a 63-year-old female with an atraumatic anterior subluxation of her right side. The patient did not qualify for surgical or physician intervention and was referred to physical therapy for conservative treatment and pain management.

Interventions: The therapy provided emphasized general strengthening of the shoulder complex and passive treatments utilizing hot pack and Kinesiotape. The interventions were performed to improve upper extremity strength, ROM, and pain.

Outcomes: Over the course of treatment, the patient was able to decrease best and worst pain, increase strength of the upper extremity, and functional mobility.

Discussion: The patient responded well to treatment allowing her to return to work without limitations. There was only one goal that was not met by discharge that was caused by various reasons. More research is needed to further distinguish the best treatment for managing atraumatic anterior subluxations of the SCJ.