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Scholarly Project

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Master of Physical Therapy (MPT)


Physical Therapy

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Thomas Mohr


Physical Therapy -- methods


Musculoskeletal injuries are one of the most costly nonfatal pathologies in the United States. Eighty to 90% of persons afflicted with musculoskeletal dysfunctions will require a treatment other than surgery. Manual therapy is a system of techniques which may be used to ease the pain and dysfunction with which these patients present. The purpose of this paper and the accompanying video tape, is to provide the physical therapy student with a source to aid their study of upper extremity joint mobilization. The paper presents a brief history of manual therapy, beginning in ancient Thailand and Egypt and ending with the current joint mobilization education offered to physical therapy students. The basic principles of joint mobilization are explained, followed by a description of the indications for mobilization and the physiologic explanations for these indications. The specific mobilization techniques for selected joints of the upper extremity are explained in detail including a brief description of the anatomy of each joint, the purpose of the mobilization, the patient's position, mobilizing and stabilizing forces and specific instructions for direction of mobilizing force.