Riley Ryan

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Gary Schindler


Neck and back pain, radiculopathy, kyphotic posture, dry needling myofascial release, McKenzie method


Background and Purpose. Neck and back pain are very prevalent in the world today. This pain can range mild to debilitating. The purpose of this case study is to examine the use of physical therapy for patients with neck and back pain.

Case Description. A 49 year old female with neck and back pain with radiculopathy. The patient presented with decreased cervical range of motion, kyphotic posture with rounded shoulders and forward head and was seen for a total of six weeks. (20 visits).

Intervention. The treatment of the patient involved education on posture/body mechanics/exercises, manual therapy techniques, modalities as needed, movement preferential patterns, dry needling myofascial release.

Outcomes. Following physical therapy program the patient achieved full cervical range of motion and a feeling of neck pain being reduced by 85-90%. She also had elimination of numbness and tingling into left upper extremity as well as no complaint of back pain. Patient tolerance to activities improved while being able to sleep through the night with increased her overall quality of life noted.

Discussion. Rationale for treatment was based largely on the McKenzie method which showed to be beneficial for the treatment of neck and back pain along with strengthening, myofascial release, dry needling, and e-stim as needed for pain relief.